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Since 2008,Website:, DX Hydro has been providing innovative solutions for the hydroponic industry. Our ever-expanding portfolio includes NFT Channel, gully, Dutch bucket, net pots and led growing lights. We specialize in hydroponic systems development and design. like vertical hydroponics, commercial systems, at home systems etc... We strive to maintain high quality control to exceed all customer specifications, and have been very successful at it. We have customers on every continent, growing thousands of kg of produce every month. Since 2008 our factory Committed to hydroponic product development and production.have 50 workers and 10 people sales team, and now we have 4 different dimensions of NFT Channel production line, which produce channels for growing different hydroponic crops, We have independent research and development team from time to time to update the product design and philosophy.
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hydrofarm, NFT Channel, Hydroponic vertical system, Aquaponics, Led growing lights, hydroponic
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Dongxin Asia Pacific(Beijing) Co.,Ltd
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